Maria Bang Espersen received an MFA from California Institute of the Arts, a BA from the Royal Danish Academy on Bornholm, DK and a technical glass education from Kosta School of Glass, SE. Her work has been shown at The Corning Museum of Glass, The V&A in London, and The Museum of Fine Arts Houston among others. She has been awarded multiple international prizes including Talent Award of the Jutta Cuny-Franz Foundation (2015), Coburg Prize (2014), and the International Glass Prize (2012).

"My work is centered around the idea that all things are malleable - like glass - and that nothing can be permanently defined. My experimental sculptures in glass are therefore not only an approach, but also a statement. - One that states never to get caught up in restrictive norms or to obey established hierarchies. The work plays with possibilities within materials and the results often goes against classic understandings of what glass is and can do. 

I enjoy challenging the conventional rules of how to approach a craft medium as a reminder that one can always do something different from the ordinary. I have come to care deeply for an investigative and experimental approach, wherein every journey begins without a specific end-goal. Often, I describe my process as an ongoing conversation where I try to listen and observe, in order to learn something new about glass."